LOOT: vintage warehouse

LOOT is vintage shop in Leamington and Bristol. Although I have never been to the latter, the first is definitely hard to find. Unless you knew it was there you probably wouldn’t come across it by chance. It looks slightly scary as it is down a back ally way, and from the main road you can never tell if it is open but despite this, it is still a fantastic shop.

All their clothes are imported from America, and they have some really nice stuff. It is mainly women’s clothing but there are some pretty groovy men’s shirts in there too. They have a whole rack of tie-dye t-shirts (I haven’t had a chance to buy one yet, but on my next visit I will). They even sell tie-dye socks. I know. It’s amazing.

On my last trip they had American camouflage Army jackets, some of them even had surnames still sewn on. Others had various badges. If it wasn’t for my lack of money I probably would have come home with three or four. Most of their clothing is quite cheap especially considering where it has come from. The store isn’t massive but the stock is ever changing (except the tie-dye t-shirts, they are always there). 

My favourite purchases are a pair of Levi’s shorts and a floral crop top. 

Obviously there is one problem. They don’t have everything in every size, most things are a one off. However, if you are average sized (I don’t want to upset anyone here) but about 8-12 you will probably be able to find lots to fit. They have loads of floral dresses and for Christmas they had racks of Christmas jumpers and cardigans. Another thing they do are baseball, basketball and NFL tops. They sell them for a variety of teams and I really really want one. Most things they sell can’t be found on the high street, therefore it is one of my all time favourite shops.

Their address is: 

Creative Railway Arches, Court St, Leamington Spa CV31 2DH
01926 336861

They also have a Facebook page where you can view some of their items:



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