I still love the distressed denim so I have come up with an outfit for this time of year- still colourful but with a coat for the chilly weather.Roses
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Coats for AW14

Unfortunately for everyone winter is well on its way so I have rounded up some of my favourite styles of coats for the cold weather, including cocoon coats, dusters and a trusty trench coat. Tartan is still on the catwalks this season so why not go bold and have your entire coat made in the material- feeling less brave opt for a scarf like I have done. Pastels are also still doing well so I have chosen two coats in pale colours of which I love both. Which is your favourite though?Coats for AW14

Maison Martin Margiela pink wool coat
$2,065 –

SUNO New York plaid wool blazer
$380 –

Topshop print coat

River Island drape coat
$110 –
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Back to Black

Back to Black

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Valentino ss14

I know that we are well on our way to Autumn here in the UK but that doesn’t mean we can’t look back at looks from SS14. This spring/summer Valentino pulled out all the stops to create a stunning embroidered, colourful and folky line and all these months later I am still in love-just a shame I can’t afford it! These were my 6 favourite looks created, I hope you like them too.Valentino ss14
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My taste in music

I suppose you could say I have an eclectic taste in music- at this very moment I am listening to Gorillaz but ten minutes ago I was listening to 5 Seconds Of Summer and I guarantee that by the end of this post I’ll be listening to something else. I have compiled a list of my favourite artists and bands just for you along with my favourite song of theirs. Aren’t you lucky? Think of this post as a snapshot of my Tunes Tuesdays posts. You can have a look at some of them here

In no particular order…

The Killers- Mr Brightside


McFly- Sorry’s Not Good Enough


5 Seconds of Summer- It’s hard to choose, either Amnesia or Everything I Didn’t Say


Nirvana- Smells Like Teens Spirit (obviously)


Electric Guest- This Head I Hold


Blondie- Call Me


Mumford and Sons- Babel


Britney Spears- Outrageous


Rihanna (mostly the older stuff)- Pon De Replay


Ellie Goulding- Goodness Gracious


Kaiser Chiefs- Modern Way


Passenger- Things That Stop You Dreaming


Arctic Monkeys- You Probably Couldn’t See For The Lights But You Were Looking Straight At Me (a long title I know)  Arctic-Monkeys-Whatever-People-Say-I-Am-Thats-What-Im-Not

I could keep going but I don’t want to bore you if I haven’t already. What music do you like and do you share any favourites with me?

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Back to Black

I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker colour

This summer me and my dad went on holiday to Tenerife. We haven’t been abroad for a few years due to a variety of reasons but we had been to Scotland and the south coast- two very lovely but different places. But all the sunny weather we were expecting posed a problem for me. I was looking through my clothes in the week before going and I noticed something rather odd. Something I wasn’t expecting. Almost everything was black- or heading that way. A few navy blue and burgundy items but that was about it- the brightest thing I owned was bright orange/red admittedly. But it was a fluffy jumper. Not what I was looking for. To combat this problem me and my grandma went shopping- I needed quite a few clothes and didn’t want to spend loads as chances are I would only wear them on holiday and nowhere else so we went to Primark.

I haven’t been there very many times- I kind of hate the messy layout with clothes strewn everywhere and the humongous queues but I braced myself and timidly stepped inside. It was nowhere near as bad as I was expecting. I picked up a basket and delved into the clothes racks looking for holiday wear. With a half-full basket I made my way to the changing rooms. I was soon very disappointed. As I looked down into the jumble of clothes I realised  I could only spot a few pieces of colour. Infact the very first thing I picked up was that dark blue it may of well have been black. I chucked all of the dark items to one side and tried on the three items I deemed to be summery- a coral asymmetrical a-line skirt, a pink floral skater dress and a baby blue lace trim vest. I liked all three items so returned them into the bag. Just to torment myself I tried on the  dark clothes- two skirts, a patterned tanktop, and a coca-cola t-shirt and two band t-shirts. I loved all of them but sadly gave them back to the assistant. They weren’t what I had come looking for,maybe another time though. After who knows how long my grandma and I made our way to the tills. I hadn’t bought anything black but a grey cardigan with a lace collar had caught my eye and I allowed myself the pleasure. 

I packed for holiday- the only items of black clothing I took were a pair of leggings for travelling in and a pair of palm-tree-print hareem pants/ joggers for evenings. The 10 days in Tenerife went well but I did miss my black skinny jeans- a lot.

We got back in the early hours of the morning and the next day I looked out my window with my fingers crossed.I was welcomed by the typical British summertime- rain and grey skies. Perfect. I took out my black skinnies and new Hard Hock Cafe tee and when dressed I felt awesome. I had seriously missed this type of attire. Although it would be nice to have a bit more good weather here in the UK I am happy with the rain as it means I won’t look like an eejit going out dressed head to toe in black. Let me just say- I’m not a goth or emo or anything like that, it’s just that I seem to gravitate towards black clothes. The only exception to this is my nails- they are my colour outlet. I do own black nail polish but hate wearing it as mistakes show up like they have a neon sign flashing 100 times a minute above them. 


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Street Style: Polka Dot Shirt

Street Style: Polka Dot Shirt

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Topshop Sale: Outfit

Topshop Sale: Outfit

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